Mechatronics fault diagnostics, repair, overhaul, testing and settings.

Electronics, mechanical and hydraulic services for automotive mechatronics.

The special areas for VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat cars DSG / S-Tronic
transmission mechatronics are import, programming, fault diagnostics,
repairs, overhaul, 
testing and settings.

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MECTRONIC provides services to the vehicle mechatronics, by doing fault diagnosis, repair, overhaul, testing, and basic settings. Especially, we have focused on the mechatronics units of VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat DSG / S-Tronic transmissions. For all new mechatronics units we will give 1 - 2 year VW spare part warranty.

We have a long engineering expertise and technical know-how in the field of automotive, industrial, research and product development and in addition our diagnostic equipments are leading high-technology products.

We'll help you, when you a new mechatronics or otherwise technical assistance to your car mechatronics:
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    • when your car warranty is no longer valid
    • new and used mechatronics at a reasonable price
    • you will save in costs
    • faster repair time
    • ecological alternative
    • engineering know-how
    • technical support and instructions
    • even 2 years warranty

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When you need a new or refurbished DSG / S-Tronic mechatronics unit:
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When your car needs a mechatronics fault diagnosis, repair, overhaul, testing, basic settings, coding, etc.:
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When your car DSG, Multitronic or Tiptronic transmission needs oil change or the mechatronics unit is defective:
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When you are searching for technical information, instructions, forums, trouble code reading, workshops, etc.:
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