Question: How much does it cost to repair DSG mechatronics unit?
Answer: Total costs consist of the mechatronics unit repairs, oil changes, spare parts (filters, gaskets, bolts to be renewed, etc.) as well as removal and re-installation work. The total cost also depends on the mechatronics unit malfunction, and the ability of the customer to make mechatronics unit removal and installation work, oil change, special tool purchase, etc. In all cases, the customer always gets the total cost estimate from us.


Question: Why it is so important to read / get the trouble codes?
Reading / getting of the trouble codes makes our troubleshooting much more easier and thereby reduces the total costs of the customer. Some trouble codes also refers to a defect which is not technically or economically reasonable to repair, that is the way we can prevent unnecessary costs to the customer. There is over 130 transmission related trouble codes, so it is quite difficult to say nothing if trouble codes are not included.


Question: How long does it takes to repair the mechatronics unit ?
Repairing and testing of the removed mechatronics unit will take 1 – 2 working days. Notice also that shipping and installing will take some time too.


Question: Can I get a ‘so called’ replacement part? If I send my broken mechatronits unit to your address do you have refurbished mechatronics units ready in stock ?
Answer: Yes, you can get a refurbished DSG (02E) mechatronics unit from us.


Question: I have faulty mechatronics unit in my car. Can I replace the faulty unit with the used unit which is taken from similar car, should it work in my car?
All mechatronics units look the same, but they have several different HW versions, and a huge amount of different SW versions, analog or digital inputs, etc. It would be like winning in the lottery if you accidentally found exact similar unit, that is why you will get incorrect version and it causes difficulties to drivability, wrong shifting points, incorrectly timed controls between TCM and ECU, too early and rapid clutch wear, trouble codes, or the mechatronics unit won’t work at all, etc. That is why mechatronics unit which is taken from another car MUST have the same HW version and MUST be re-flashed with the car specific software!


Question: I removed one solenoid and now I think that the very tiny ball is now missing and I can not find it anywhere. What do we do now?
Answer: Now we should know what solenoid it is, so we can find out do we have spare part to replace the missing ball. Also solenoid O-rings must always renew, because the solenoid is removed. If the O-rings are not renewed and liquid packing won’t work then the transmission operation can not even predict.


Question: How do I read the trouble codes?
Trouble codes, and in this case, the transmission trouble codes (if any) you can read in every car workshops. You can also read trouble codes yourself by buying the reader. Deeper into the VAG group cars modules you can go with VCDS tester and for the newer cars you must have VCDS tester which supports the CAN bus protocol. On Links page there is more information about the trouble code read devices.


Question: For used mechatronics unit the warranty is valid for 3 months, what does it cover?
The warranty for used mechatronics units covers the work done and the replaced parts, and the warranty is valid for 3 months. All replaced parts are listed and identified in the receipt. However we do not recommend to buy a used unit, because in many cases used units have seen a lot of kilometres and most have been rejected because of jerky behavior, which cannot be fixed. That is why the warranty do not cover if gearbox is jerky.

tion: Can DSG oil change be done without VCDS tester?
DSG transmission oil level is set when the oil temperature is 35-45 ° C. VCDS tester reads information from the DSG oil temperature sensor, which is inside the gearbox. Other measuring methods such as using an infrared thermometer barely reached the same final result. We recommend that the manufacturer’s temperature measurement method is used.


Question:What is the difference between DSG and S-Tronic transmission?
This is exactly the same transmission, VW uses the DSG name and Audi uses the S-Tronic name. But it is good to know that the cars are equipped with various configurations of transmissions and mechatronics units, that is why the mechatronics unit is not interchangeable, it is always car specific. In addition, Audi have some 7-speed models which are suitable only for Audi, for example 0B5 S-Tronic gearbox is for longitudinal Audi all-wheel-drive variants only.